As Stevenett says, " Art is Vital.  Color Heals. The Act of Creating can shift a human body on a cellular level. In Art, there is no right or wrong, ​simply the (self) Permission to Create!"
From 1987 through 2011, Stevenett created massive Parade Sculpture as an Artist in Residence for Santa Barbara's Summer Solstice Parade. Her dramatic Parade Ensembles have included 100's of volunteers and parade participants for her sponsor's (MentorCorp International) Mentor Worldwide, LLC, Computer Motion, Inc. and Haagen Printing, SB. 
Diane Stevenett became an ISA Art Appraiser of Fine Art & Antiques through Northern Illinois University, in 2013. Stevenett continues her "Musical Themes" and Sculptural Images in Wood & Bronze, and her vibrant Paintings in Silk, Oil & Wax Encaustic, as well as Etchings & Works on Paper. 
A Creative Producer with an eye for detail, her work and honors in the arts have been the subject of many articles over the years. Stevenett has founded three Art Galleries; The STEVENETT Gallery of Fine Art, The ZZYZX Gallery in Los Olivos, CA. and the PALM LOFT Gallery in Carpinteria, CA. She has been a member of the Screen Actors Guild, Women in Film, Bioneers, and an Arts Commissioner for the County of Santa Barbara, CA.
Diane Stevenett, in conjunction with Ambrosia (Los Angeles) & Marguerite Gaffney (Santa Barbara), worked on the installation of the Governor’s Ball for the 1997 Academy Awards. Since the 1980’s, Diane worked in the film industry as an Independent Producer with her husband Frank Harris, Crown Int’l Pictures and Overseas Film Group, producing a flurry of low-budget action dramas namely Aftershock, KillPoint, Girl Talk, Low Blow, Lock Down and The Patriot, as well as Second-Unit for TV's LA Law and films for John & Bo Derek. One of their films, The Patriot, was the first motion picture to use the Lucas Editdroid System, later bought by AVID.
Artist/Singer/Producer Diane Stevenett, was born in Innisfail, Alberta, Canada where art & music were the center of her life.  At 15, she was Most Promising Female Competitor & Grand Award Winner of the Kiwanis Music Festival in conjunction with the Toronto Conservatory Festival Of Music in Red Deer, Alberta.  Stevenett has a Master of Fine Arts degree in Sculpture & Drawing from Brigham Young University, Utah, and since moving to California has owned three art galleries, produced countless events & concerts, performed extensively with Opera Santa Barbara and been a Creative Arts Director for three top agencies.
Award Winning Sculptor and Lyric Soprano, Diane Stevenett works to combine the compatibilities between Music and Sculpture. Stevenett created the "Hermit Song Series" in Sculpture to the lyrical and musical interpretations of "The Hermit Songs" by American Composer, Samuel Barber. Stevenett says, "While listening to music, images sometimes present themselves. Sculpture is full of grace, crescendos, decrescendos, fortes and pianissimos. It sings, it breathes, it moves."

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